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Yahoo pipes beta

The web 2.0 RSS mashup from Yahoo allows you to mash several feeds into a single feed. You are also able to filter and sort the resulting combined feed to generate the desired results.

Web 2 complicated

The interface is very web 2.0. You drag components onto a design area to import mix and create feeds. While there is no doubting this is probably the most advanced RSS web tool available at the moment this is probably also it's downside.

If you are looking to do some more advanced things with feeds then this is the tool for you as long as you are willing to put in the time initially for the sharp learning curve.

Flaremaker RSS signature

London based Myzan have an RSS tool that allow you to have your RSS headlines in your email signature.

Flaremaker's RSS-Signature tool allows you to display the headlines from your RSS feed in your email signature. To use the tool you have to sign up to their service which is free.

For those of you who are a bit more adventurous there is a PHP script available that allows you to create an image file for use in signatures. It was originally created for forum signatures but should work just as well in email signatures.

As I write the service is still in beta and I have not tried it out as I have not used Skype in years. The premise is that you can keep up to date with those oh so urgent RSS feeds, such as the RSS Newsniche feed ;).

This is certainly one of those web two point oh companies as they have added an 'r' to the end of there name and come up with a logo that is a cross between Squidoo and Feedburner. A SquidBurner if you will, maybe someone should register the name.

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