RSS feed

Where to find RSS readers

There are a number off free software and web based systems available. You can find these on the RSS news readers page.

Where to find RSS feeds

There are many RSS search engines and directories on the internet. Take a look at the RSS feed directories page for a list of sites.

RSS feeds save you time

When you subscribe to an RSS feed you will only ever get the information you have asked for. Unlike email you do not need an email address so you are anonymous. This means you will not have to waste time trawling through spam. As the information is sent to you, this means you don't have to visit sites to see if they have been updated. RSS informs you without having to do anything.

What is an RSS feed

When you subscribe to an RSS file you are subscribing to what is referred to as a feed or channel. This feed will continue to be updated with new information from the RSS publisher and appear in your RSS reader.

RSS means you are in control

Unlike email RSS allows you to stay in control of the RSS feeds you read. You can unsubscribe from a feed with one click and never have to read that feed again. You will never be sent unsolicited messages as you would via email, that means no spam. You are always in control.

What does RSS mean for you as a reader

RSS is a format that allows content such as articles and news headlines to be brought to your desktop via an RSS reader. For example if you were interested in golf you could subscribe to a golf feed that would contain news and information about golf from golf related sites.

What is RSS

If you compared RSS to email an RSS feed would be like an email newsletter or update. But unlike email you ask for the information, rather like picking up a magazine and reading it. Looking at it like this email would be like regular letters you get through the mail.

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