RSS feed

RSS pull technology

With RSS the user chooses to get your messages. There are no mail filters to worry about and the curse of spam has been eliminated. This leaves you more time to spend on promoting your site.

Make it easy on your readers

If you can make your readers lives easier they will thank you. By creating an RSS feed you can keep your readers updated about new content on your site, new products and offers. As well as encouraging readers to return to your site you will allow readers to know when you have new content they can read.

Increase your visibility

Although RSS is not a new phenomenon it has only recently picked up mainstream interest, 2005 is the year of RSS. Many of the major search engines have picked up on this such as Yahoo and now you can get your RSS feed listed within days.

Benefits of RSS

RSS feeds are simple to create and manage with many tools available. With an RSS feed you are creating an ongoing relationship with your readers allowing you to build credibility and trust which will increase your customer retention.

What does RSS mean for you as a publisher

RSS is another channel that allows you to communicate with your customers. You do not have to worry about managing a list of subscribers, undeliverable messages or accusations of spamming your readers.

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